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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Happy Friday loves!  I know I’m little late…but the moment we have all been waiting for is here! The NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE!  We recently moved into our new home and I did a MAJOR purge of my clothes and gave them away to all my girlfriends, just in time for the anniversary sale! I have been trying to live a more “minimalist” life, but then..this sale of course has to happen.  Sooo I think that buying just a FEW things is okay, don’t you think? All of these pieces are perfect transitions and can be worn from Summer to Fall.  We are going on a trip to France in September so I am going to try to save some of these outfits for my trip!  I have already picked up a few of these clothes and guys the quality of these pieces are all amazing.  As I get older, I find myself buying less, but spending more on clothing.  Its all about quality over quantity.  I obviously love Forever 21, H&M and Zara but I sometimes find myself only able to wear them a few times before they start looking like a toddler outfit.

Hope you enjoy some of my favorites of the sale!


I have had my eye on these sunnies for a while now, but I have about 4 Ray bans that I have lost so far so its really hard for me to make this commitment with sunglasses because I’m always leaving them places or losing them!  The Bauble Bar Earrings are my favorite, and my girlfriend just got me into Gorjana which is such a cute, dainty jewelry line that is my go-to now!


OHHH I am SUCH a sucker for a good sweater.  Free People is my absolute favorite brand in the world, and I will ALWAYS spend whatever on their clothing because its phenomenal.  The balloon sweater is perfected tucked in with a pair of high waisted jeans, and I have been obsessing over the white sweater trend!  You can also wear a sweater with white pants and dainy earrings during a cool summer night!


I feel like there can NEVER, EVER be too much denim in someone’s closet. Over the years, my style has sort of transitioned into a more comfortable look, so I live for jeans and a comfortable tee when I’m hanging with the fam on the weekends! Its always dress up an outfit with black denim as well, and dresses up your look instantly! And can I even tell you how much I’m digging the pants with the stripes on the side? I had a pair from Limited Too back in the day (sigh, oh how I loved this store) and I thought I was the coolest thing ever.  I can’t help but have a grin on my face as I wear mine because my 10 year old self would be so proud.


So most of these pieces are actually jumpsuits because for some reason over the past two years, I have a hard time wearing a dress.  I don’t know what it is about dresses, but I am extremely picky with dresses.  I think it’s because I have a large chest, and its hard to find something that I look and feel comfortable in, without showing off the girls (which I HATE doing)! I’m also really into Navy this season, so get ready to see a lot of that in my wardrobe! I do love that burgundy jumpsuit though! The mid section is just enough where it’s not too much, and the pants make it feel super easy and comfortable yet still dressy! These outfits are also perfect for those Saratoga track days!


I am so happy that leopard is back, because I have always been a fan.  The mules are so comfy, and I’m also digging Kristen Cavallari’s studded loafers as well! They are the perfect shoe with jeans, or with a basic tee and slacks for work!  If anyone knows me, I am also OBSESSED with Vans & Soludo’s so both of these are staples for my closet!


Hope you enjoyed some of these outfits, and got some ideas to transition to fall! What are some of your favorite pieces? Remember, these are brand new items from Nordstrom and the sale goes on through August 5th.  Prices will go up August 6th, so don’t wait too long!  Enjoy!

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  1. Terah
    5 years ago

    Obsessed with gorgana and bauble bar! You pick out the cutest stuff, now I’m going to be broke!!!

  2. Julie
    5 years ago

    I can never find jeans that fit me so I’ll have to try some of these styles! I love that denim jacket!!

  3. Alice
    5 years ago

    I love those sunnies! love your style!