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Home Buys for Less than Perfect Spaces

So just recently, I decided it was time to give my blog a mini facelift and thought I should start by having a page on good ol’ life.  I’ve been struggling with my blog posts the past few months and felt like I was limited to mom & fashion topics, and I wanted to explore my creative side! So here you hopefully will find some inspiration, home posts, travel, blogging tips and more! If you have any topics you would like me to talk about, pa-lease comment below! I would love to get some ideas on what you guys want!  So here is my first home post-WOO! I wanted to share some cute little spaces in my home, that I love! We bought a house this past spring and have been renovating our cute little home ever since!  And perhaps what I love most about our first home? It’s less than perfect.  We didn’t have any idea what we were doing when we decided to give this gem a makeover, but while every little imperfection drives me a bit crazy inside, it also kind of warms my heart, because they’re our little imperfections.

So, no you will not see a million dollar home in this post or #housegoals because this is in fact anything but! Let’s face it – There are very few of us who are contently snuggled up on the perfect leather couch, with the perfect vintage rug under our feet.  The majority of us are wondering how on earth we are going to fit a side table and a bed in the same already cramped bedroom (Real life probs). So here is a cute little list of the home buys that have solved my less than perfect space issues.


Oh, my love for a good basket! I probably could write an entire novel about what I could do/would do with a basket, but in all seriousness, these are SO perfect if you want to be organized and make a room look styled!  We have too many pillows to sleep with and its the perfect place for them to go while were sleeping instead of the floor.  I’m also pretty obsessed with the wicker trend and I don’t think I’ll ever get over it.  Even adding a little basket to a plant gives that boho vibe to any room! Definitely turning into a plant lady these days and I’m not mad about it!


Whoever decided to start the blanket on ladder trend is a freaking genius! As a self-proclaimed blanket addict, keeping these cuties folded up and tucked away was starting to become impossible.  Now we simply lean a vintage ladder in a corner and tuck away our favorite cozy blankets. Picture them high up from dirty fingers and dog hair, all while looking fabulous in any room! Another idea for ladders-Use them in your bathroom to hang towels!


My love for these ingenious little guys is REAL and they always seem to end up in my home decor.  But it’s only because they have solved the trickiest of spaces for me!  Whether the cushions create more spots for guests to sit or a little table for your littles, they come in enough sizes and shapes to make any awkward space look cool.  Looking to hide them? Store them under a coffee table when you’re not using them! I’m currently using mine in our bedroom-and it’s just the perfect accent to our little room.

I hope this gives you some inspo if you have tiny spaces in your home like us!  I’ve been trying to really focus on being minimal and these little buys are the perfect way for your home to look less cluttered and feel organized!

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  1. Sarah
    4 years ago

    Can I just say how much I’m obsessed with your home?! Thank you for the tips!! Def buying that ladder!