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A Peek into my Shower!

My girlfriend asked me if I could blog about what’s in my shower, and at first I couldn’t understand who on earth would want to see inside my shower?! But then I figured-HEY, why not give my followers an inside peek of my absolute favorites, so here we are!

I have to warn you… I don’t have oodles of products that you don’t hear me talk about every day.  While I used to have product stacked on top of each other, even rows deep, this year I really paired down the products I use and dedicated myself to a routine.   A routine that has been so beneficial for my skin and hair.  Turns out less is more for even my shower routine and here are a few of my absolute favorites!

Okay first and foremost, the Ghost Shampoo & Conditioner is KILLER.  It makes my hair smell like I just stepped out of a salon, and I’m not even joking when I tell you my hair has never been so healthy!  I have thin, straight hair and this gives me at least 3 really good days of not having to wash my hair!  And I’m so rolling my eyes at all you LUCKY thick haired friends who don’t have to wash it for a week-so unfair! You will also see in previous beauty posts how I talk about the Amika Burst Your Brass Blonde Shampoo, and I think this will always be one of my staples in my routine.  First of all the price point is AH-mazing, and it really helps give you that Ashy Blonde your hair deserves.

The Fresh Exfoliating Soap is Amazing, and I usually switch things up with that or my local fave by Rad Soap.  The Chaga is my fave, and is the BEST . SMELL . EVER .  The Watermelon Mask is a newbie in my skincare routine and I use this on my face about once a week.  It is so hydrating and gives me that glow that looks like I actually slept the night before!

What are your favorite shower products?


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Nicole Bradley

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  1. Alex
    4 years ago

    Question-can you use the burst your brass on brown hair? I have blonde highlights but don’t want my hair to turn completely blonde.

    1. Nicole Bradley
      4 years ago

      Nothing is going to happen if you put that on dark hair as your base is darker than the pigment, and the shampoo doesn’t contain ingredients that lift the color! It will however get rid of the yellow tones in your highlights and make them more ashy looking, which is my fave! Go for it!