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5 Good Things

Hurray! This post is my first ‘5 Good Things’ of 2018.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever believed in December blues more than I have this year.  This entire year has been soooo good and I’m just not ready for it to end. It’s definitely had its days and my life is certainly not perfect, but there have been so many things I’ve accomplished and learned. So overall, with the good and bad this year I’ll always have a soft spot for good ol’ 2018. Lets begin!

1.Our First Home! Ahhhh, this still makes me so happy just typing this. It’s still shocking and its still so incredibly good. I’ve never cried or been so frustrated in my life. The process was scary and difficult, and at times my husband and I did not know how we were going to do it or pay for the overwhelming number of projects that we got ourselves into. But hard work pays off, and I can finally say we are comfy and cozy in our first home! Its small, and its nothing spectacular but I love every imperfection. We made it our own, and P is so proud of it, and that makes me so happy. I will do a house tour soon, promise!

2. C’est La Vie! You only live once, and after our honeymoon to Greece in 2017, my husband and I decided that even though we had a little babe, we NEEDED to travel more, for us. Life is so short, and the world is so big! A lot of our friends travel and encouraged us to do it and I’m so glad we went for it. But watch out! Its true when they say once you go one place you will 100% get a travel bug! We had the opportunity to attend a friends wedding in France and we did it. We traveled to Paris, hung out with some great friends, ate lots of bread and had a freaking blast.

A Mind Stretched by adventures can never go back to it’s old dimensions.

Travel. Learn. Grow.

Molly Bylett

3. Friendships will always be so important to me, and as I’m getting older, I’ve learned a LOT from my friendships. It’s unfortunate that as you get older, your list of friends gets smaller, and it has been really difficult for me to cut certain people out of my life. I’ve learned this year that as much as it can hurt at times, I have learned that it’s okay to let go. I will always cherish the friendships that haven’t worked out, and I think I’ve learned valuable lessons from those relationships. I’m proud of the amazing friends that I do have and I will always cherish those relationships of those true people in my life. I’ve also met some really amazing people this year that have pushed me to be a better me!

4. Yes, it’s taken 30 years, but I can finally say that I have found my passion, and I’m so pumped about it. Its almost been a year since I created this little space on the internet, and I’ve learned that this is honestly what I have a passion to do. My mom always says things come around full circle, and even when I was a little girl I wanted to become a journalist. I know shes probably smirking reading this, aren’t you ma?! I’ve been so fortunate to have an awesome community of people like my blogger besties Alyssa & Noozhat (go check them out and subscribe, you won’t be disappointed) that have helped me out so much to find my place in this crazy world! I’ve gotten to work with some pretty awesome brands and if any of you are reading this and have thought about blogging…do it. Be uncomfortable, share your passion and go for it! If you work hard, good things WILL come!

I recently got a job doing social media at a Marketing company for different businesses around the Capital Region and I’m beyond grateful that this platform has grown a hobby into a career for me. I’m writing blog posts for different local businesses and creating content for these brand’s social media and it’s honestly my JAM. I’m so fortunate that this passion has led me to work for this company and I’m looking forward to bring 2019 to a whole new level!

5. I mean, we always gotta save the best for last, am I right? The best part about my year will always be P! I’m so proud of my boy and all that HE has accomplished this year and the little beautiful, kind, gentle boy he has become. He played t-ball this year, started Pre-K in a new classroom and this year he graduated from sleeping into our bed, into his. I KNOW GUYS, UNREAL. He teaches me something new every day, including some of his favorite vocab like “Extraordinary” and “Precisely”! What kid even says that kind of stuff anyway?

So farewell 2018, it’s been real, and I will always be SO appreciative of you! And 2019…I’m ready for you! What is some good news you’ve had this year?

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Nicole Bradley

Social Media Enthusiast fueled by lots of coffee. I'm a small town girl, living in Upstate, NY! I'm a mom to the coolest six year old named Parker and little babe, Sloane. Most days you can find me in converse and a graphic tee, hanging with my sweet fam!

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  1. Tori
    4 years ago

    Nicole!!! I love this! Such a good idea, and you are the cutest!

  2. Alexandra
    4 years ago

    What a great and inspiring post! So lovely to reflect on the positive events that happen in the year. So happy you found your passion!

  3. Lindsey
    4 years ago

    This is awesome! So happy for you!I hope you have just as an amazing 2019. 🙂