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10 Kids Easter Gifts Under $20

Hey guys! Easter is quickly approaching us, and a few of you have been asking what I am doing this year for Parker’s basket, so I decided to list my top 10 gifts on Amazon that are all under $20!

My husband and I try to stay away from gifting candy on Easter, because Parker is quite popular in our family…AKA the Easter Bunny shows up to everyone’s house (WITH CANDY)!! Here are some fun and easy ideas for gifts that I have purchased for Parker this year that are not going to send him to the dentist (and most are amazon prime worthy… hooray for 2 day shipping)!  We saw the Easter Bunny last week at his school, and I was surprised that he was not shy at all to the Easter bunny this year! Usually he won’t even sit on his lap, but this year we got lucky!  Every year on Easter morning, Parker wakes up and we do an Easter egg hunt, and look for clues to find his Easter Basket hidden somewhere in the house!! We also will be decorating eggs (my favorite) so be on the lookout on Instagram for pics!

Here are my top 10 Amazon Easter gifts for 2018!

1. Happy Easter, Mouse Book (Amazon, $5.63)

This is the cutest spin-off from the Author’s best seller “If you give a mouse a cookie” and I am so excited to read this to Parker.  We read books every night before bed, and this just reminds me so much of my childhood when I read stories like this!  This book is following the Mouse as he goes on an Easter egg hunt, and is the perfect book for Toddler’s learning about colors and counting.

2. Lego Easter Chick (Amazon, $18.99)

Parker is OBSESSED with Lego’s right now, and I usually hate buying them because we play with them a few times, and then lose the little pieces but i could not pass this cutie up!  With a rotating head and body as well as movable wings and toes, it’s a lot of fun to play with too once the chick is built. The pieces are, of course, compatible with all other Lego sets as well, so who knows what kind of adventures they can create for this crazy chick. This set is recommended for ages seven and up.  Parker is a little young for this, but with an adults help, we will get this little chick built-in no time!

3. Easter Egg Pets  (Amazon, $8.95)

I am so excited to put some of these eggs in our easter egg hunt, because we have done this a few times with dinasour eggs and Parker just loves watching them hatch over time.  This set of three eggs are all Easter themed with a baby duck, chick and a rabbit.  The longer you leave them in the water, the larger they get!!

4.Hide & Squeak Eggs (Amazon, $13.97)

This matching egg game is the perfect Easter gift for your toddler!  These eggs crack open and make little noises when you squeeze them.  How adorable are these?!

5.Harper Bunny (Amazon, $17.09)

I mean how can you not fall in love with this little bunny! We have a million stuffed animals, and let me be honest I usually never buy stuffed animals but whenever Easter comes around I melt and buy one because they are just the cutest and make your Easter basket look like perfection!

6. Crazy Bird Craft Kit (Amazon, $19.95)

This Set include two Craft Kits: Crazy Bird Craft Kit (makes 12) and Easter Animal Craft Kit (makes 12) and is a cute craft when decorating your Easter eggs.

7. RAWR Easter Shirt (Amazon, $9.95)

You can’t beat this cute tee by Spirit Forged Apparel for under $10! Parker has always been into dinosaurs, so this tee was a must for his basket!  I know he will probably look at it and throw it on the floor, as he usually does when I buy him clothes, but I thought it was super cute for his little wardrobe!

8. Coco (Amazon, $14.99)

If you follow me on Instagram (@nicolinnnaa), you probably saw my post on how much we love this movie, and honestly it deserves its own blog post if you ask me.  We saw this in the movie theater, and at home probably about 15 times, and every time I watch it I cannot stop crying.  This movie is such a beautiful story about an aspiring musician who embarks on an extraordinary journey to the magical land of his ancestors. It has such a true meaning of what family is about and I love that it tells such a special story about family traditions.  I promise this will be your favorite kids movie, and the colors in this movie are unbelievable.

9. Letter Board (Amazon, $13.90)

Okay, this might be more for moms, but hey it’s a great excuse to buy a letter board and would look killer in an Easter basket! This is a staple letter board, and you can’t beat that price as most of them on Etsy are over $80-$100!  I love the square letter boards, because they look more minimal.  Letter boards are perfect for a baby or toddler room with cute little quotes!  Some cute quotes for your Easter Letter Board:

  1. You’re so BUNNY!
  2. I’m so EGG-Cited!
  3. Some bunny loves you!

10.Ultimate Crayon Collection (Amazon, $12.82)


I always try to look for the best deals on crayons or markers during Easter because I feel like its always been a tradition to color or do some kind of craft Easter time, and lets be real we are always losing crayons in this house!  With over 150 colors, you can’t beat this price!

I hope you got some ideas for your kiddos, and I hope everyone has an amazing Easter with their families! Have some more ideas for kids gifts for Easter? Comment below, and HOPPY Shopping!


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  1. Tara
    5 years ago

    I just ordered Coco! Can’t wait to have my son watch it!

  2. Becky connors
    5 years ago

    Amazing gifts for the little ones. Great ideas!!!!